2024 CYTO® x prototyp

2024-25 On Bike Collection



“SN2024”引發了高能粒子風暴改變了大氣層,造成有史以來最大規模的生物滅絕。 因此,秘密組織開發了一系列能夠提供人類生存的服裝。


CYTO® with Taiwan’s high-end performance apparel brand “prototyp” to create a new series, approaching cycling apparel from an innovative perspective. In 2024, scientists observed a new supernova explosion. They named it “SN2024”.

The “SN2024” triggers a persistent high-energy particle storm, which changes the Earth’s atmosphere and contributes to the largest mass extinction on Earth. The secret science service prototyp has developed special clothing that can support human survival ...

New Generation is coming.

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